Welcome to our blog.

A warm welcome and hope you come visit again soon for updates.

In this blog we would be updating our activities, shoots and even some of our personal projects which may include photos of food and places we have been or people we have met. You may say that this is a more fun and relaxed version of our main website (www.FingerOnShutter.com). Please feel free to leave a comment or two. Tell us how you feel. Talk to us. You can also email us from our contact us page. This blog is new. And they may be updates and changes to its look and feel as well as contents, so check back often. We are in the midst of processing some photos. Check back soon for updates.

About us

We are two individual photographers who are very intrigued by the artistic side of photography. We love capturing those special moments for you. Be it a wedding or just a simple picnic by the beach or park. We believe that a single photograph may bond with you for many years and many generations to come.

Both of us came from very different backgrounds, with a combined total of over 20 years in advertising and engineering respectively. Although the both of us likes technology, cars and of course photography, our choices are rather different in which manifested itself in our photographic works. This brings a varied yet interesting touch to FingerOnShutter. As we shoot as a team, our photos often overlapping on key areas, but leaving enough space for individual creativity. What one lacks, the other makes up.

FingerOnShutter has a combined photographic experience of slightly over 10 years. All through the years, we have individually went places and experience various colourful cultures, met different people from all walks of life and people with all sorts of characters and personalities. Inspired by these colourful people, we picked up our very first cameras and began our photographic journeys individually. After our first collaborative shoot, we found our styles to be contradicting, yet in some special way, complemented each other.

We are currently based in Kuala Lumpur and undertake any photographic assignments or challenges which comes our way. In the mean time, please do browse through our gallery as well as our blog where the latest is updated; our shoots, excursions and such.

Our Styles

The one thing we hold true during a photoshoot; we keep ourselves as invisible as we possibly can. Our style is very much contemporary and impressionist but with a touch of traditional style of portrait-based photography. We prefer spontaneity, and we prefer candid moments. These are the moments which are the essence of that particular moment, that particular day. It’s the essence of who you are. Most of the time we shoot with available light whenever possible. We believe available light brings out the best of the moment and immortalize that particular moment as you remember it. There are at times that we would whip out our flashes for that creative enhanced lighting to fantasize the moment.

We are inspired by the relationship between two people, or the relationship amongst people. It’s the interaction amongst friends and families which we strife to capture. The love that two people share or the open relationship between father and son, or the closeness of mother and child. We do not want you to see a person in a photograph; we want you to feel that person in a photograph, to share his joy, excitement and to a certain extend; sorrow and lost.


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