Nov 03

Our final and star event for the trip was the sunset cruise. It’s a cruise to nowhere, taking in the sight and calmness of being at sea, witnessing a gorgeous sunset before heading back to port.

We gathered at the lobby and of the hotel before heading to the port where we chilled for a bit while waiting for our host to brief us.

This was not Jason’s natural environment, so he was a bit reserved and cautious. I on the other hand, was very much at home and enjoying myself.

Actually, it’s a twin hull sail boat. Very stable. And with lots of space on boat. The photo above is taken on the upper deck.

There’s lots of space all around the boat. This is the front left of the boat..

And this is the front right of the boat.

This is the general view of the front of the boat. Jason seems to be more at ease being on the boat now. Probably after a drink or two.

Fun party boat it is I tell you.

There are others on board as well. Malaysians, Koreans, Japanese, English, French… a mix crowd. So bring out the chocolate in you!

Ok, now he’s really at ease..can strike a pose already.

Once you get on board, they serve you with drinks. Drinks are free flow once you are on board. This include beer and cocktail. Whatever you want, just ask.

The boat cruises slowly into the sunset…

And they fire up the grill, to prepare our dinner that night.

On the way, they let out the net to trail behind the boat. You can hang on to the net and relax while enjoying the relaxing massage of the water, or you can be like this guy, trailing behind in a life saver.

Or jump off the boat from the front. The boat is actually moving, so you jump off the front, and when you surface, you make your way to the rear of the boat, grab on to a rope and pull yourself up.

When I was about to jump, the guide came up to me to remind me about the procedure. But he added..

.. remember to grab the rope yes? But don’t worry if you miss the rope, we come back tomorrow same time..”

Cheeky fellow.

Jumping off the boat is rather fun! But if you are a bit timid, not to worry, this cheeky fellow (the same one above), who customers call ‘Pakcik Gila’, will hold your hand and jump in with you.

All the while, you are graced with such natural beauty!

And as the sun sets, we turn around and headed back to port. And they cranked up the music, brought out more drinks and the party’s on! By this time, we placed our cameras into it’s holster and continue partying and until we were back at port.

Indeed it was the highlight of the trip. I would recommend this sunset cruise. The organisers were fun, loves to mingle and we really had lots to eat, lots to drink and more importantly, lots of fun.


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