Aug 04

Both Jason and I are suckers for crabs. But crabs are not cheap. The restaurant near my place charges RM80 per kg for crabs. Other places are also within similar ranges. Most of them RM80-90 per kg. Cheaper alternatives are around RM60-70 per kg. And we eat a lot of kgs of crabs at one sitting. Usually a table for 4 would require at least 4kgs.

Then recently we got news of a promotion in town. The Parkroyal Hotel is having a seafood buffet, specialising in crabs for the entire month of August. And for RM85 nett, we get to feast on various types of crab dishes. We called up and made a booking immediately. It was a good thing as well, it was a full house that weekend.

The buffet starts from 6.30pm all the way until 10.30pm, a good solid 4 hours to savour the various offerings.

And there was quite a good spread as well. This includes softshell crabs. Others are salted eggs, sweet and sour, chilli, kamhiong and so on. Too bad they did not have salted BBQ crabs. That would be splendid.

Don’t mind me, I was happy to see the various crab dishes I was about to devour.


Of course, there are other dishes and not just crabs.

like oysters, prawns and a bug…. Some sort of prawn.

And each table gets a nice freshly steamed groupa fish dish. Quite tasty.

There also this. I forgot what it is called, but basically a whole fillet of salmon cooked in pastry. It was delicious!

They also offered freshly squeezed fruit juices! Wonderful! Only thing is that you have to wait for your juice. You take a basket and put in it the fruits you want juiced, then you take a number and continue with your crabs. Peak times will take you about 30-40 minutes to have your drink ready.

All in all, it was a good feast. I particularly enjoyed the sweet and sour crab, as well as the chilli crabs. We had a good fill, and the deserts were not too bad. We had a good portion of ice-kacang and topped it up with ice cream. And the best thing was that there queue at the buffet line was not over bearing.

So if you fancy crabs, RM85 nett per person is quite worth it. And do not forget to have your parking ticket validated for RM6 flat rate. It’s not going to be cheap as parking charge is RM4 per hour!!

Jul 18


It is a real sad morning.

We woke up to the traffic news of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. News and speculations about the tragedy spread like wild fire on social media. We do not know true and how accurate are these reports which have been posted on social media.

All we now is the fact that the aircraft was shot down, and that almost 300 lives were lost.

Let us come together as human beings, and observe a moment of silence, at your own timing, for Flight MH17 and it’s passengers and crews.







Jun 23

The models of Bangkok Motorshow 2014. .

All taken with the Nikon J1

May 27

Belly dancing is a very unique dance, and you would need special training and skills to pull it off gracefully. Both Jason and I have bellies, but trust me when I say you do not want to see us trying out belly dancing. Let’s just say we are not that graceful.

This is where Aiza comes in, a truly graceful belly dancer.

We had the opportunity to photograph Aiza for a local lifestyle magazine, and we are truly honored to be photographing such a graceful and bubbly personality.

The location is a wonderful place with a modern setting. A great place to hang out, have some food and drinks with friends. However, as a photographic location, it was quite a bit of a challenge. Because of the challenging environment for a photoshoot we had to do a recce of the location so that we could able study and evaluate the condition and construct a pre-planned solution to achieve the final result we envision. We had done many shoots but this was the 1st time that we needed to plan a lighting guide so that during the photoshoot we are able to execute the assignment with ease.

The above is a the lighting diagram guide that we came out and was later being use as a setup guide during the photoshoot.

But the location is nice. So we strived to create the best shots for the magazine.

Jason giving pointers to Aiza, crucial to catch all the lights which we have set up.

We made use of everything we had, including softboxes, snots, reflectors as well as most of our speedlights. Yes, we use speedlights instead of studio strobes. Firstly it’s much easier to carry around, and it’s much easier and faster to set up and it’s smaller, thus taking up less space, both in our bags as well as on location.


Aiza is fun. As you can see here. She was really having fun during the photoshoot. Easy going and easy to work with.

We constantly guide our talent, seen here being looked on by the team from the magazine.

Ensuring constant communication with the magazine ensures that we are in line with their vision and their expectations.

She seems very happy with the end results.

Here are a few of the end results.

It was indeed a fun shoot. And Aiza was a joy to photograph.

The team having a group shot.

And finally a group fun shot. It’s always nice to inject a little fun into any photoshoot. Otherwise it becomes…. work.

Till the next blog entry!!

May 21

Check out our newly published Facebook Page.

We have recently updated the page with some snapshots from our previous wedding assignments. They actually dates way back to 2009 and beyond. Some of the photos were our very own creations while FingerOnShutter has yet to be conceptualised.

It took us a while as we bring out our archived storages and scour them for photos to be uploaded to the page.

Although tedious, but we had a memorable time looking though our previous assignments, and reminiscence on the joyful moments we were able to capture. Especially those photos which our couples proudly display on their social media sites and some more requested a large print as they simply loved the photo. Some brought tears while some made couples linger on them as they browse through their wedding albums.

So go on and like the page. Share the page with your friends too! We will be updating the page with photos, albums, news and more!


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