Jul 07

David is firstly a family man, a man of nature and has travelled to over 80 countries. He loves nature and has hiked thousands of miles of backcountry, including above the base camp of Mt. Everest. He was one of the first registered trackers for Arizona Search and Rescue. He worked for the US Forest Service for 12 summers as a Hotshot firefighter fighting fires around the US and Canada, all the while carrying a Nikon SLR with a 50 mm 1.8 lens. David is a fine art watercolor painter and lover of all things artistic.

*image by David Beckstead

And yes, he is also one of the top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World by American Photo Magazine. He is also featured as part of the Masters of Wedding Photography video which both Jason and I watched in amazement how they mastered and created works of art.

He is the man behind many spectacular images such as the one above, and the ones below.

*image by David Beckstead

*image by David Beckstead

He never allow the situation or the environment to dictate the outcome of his work, instead, he sees opportunities, angles and composition to create his masterful works of art.

*image by David Beckstead

Here’s a little video clip about David about composition.


Having met him in person recently, I can say that David has a big personality. He’s cheerful, fun and is as much an entertainer as he is an educator.

Here’s a fun pic of David with both of us…

Do check back soon for some details on his workshop soon.






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Sep 19

Raymond and Ivy found us through a mutual friend/client of ours. They are one upbeat couple who, for the lack of a better descriptions, light and airy. There were not a dull moment. There’s something about them and the people they surround themselves with, the entire wedding I can only describe as.. light and airy.

To Raymond and Ivy, we wish you two the best of life, happiness, wealth and health :)

The following are snapshots photos from their wonderfully airy day :) but first, enjoy the slideshow :

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Raymond and Ivy Slideshow











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Sep 11

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Jun 28

Hi there people. Sorry it took a while before we are able to upload this post. Here are some of the selected result from the photoshoot a some weeks back featuring Wen San as our model.



Do check back soon for the next blog entry. We went up Cameron Highlands for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Well, sort of a pre-wedding. Check back soon ya..

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May 18

Hmm.. it has indeed been a very long time since we updated our blog. But no matter. Better some than none. We had the honour of meeting Nicole a couple of weeks back during of our mamak-ing sessions. She strike me as a very nice and bubbly person. Thanks to Ian who made arrangements to have Nicole as our model of the day last weekend.



This is Ian.. with the camera which he would be replacing very soon with something he has been salivating over ever since he tried one out. More on that when he finally gets one. :)


The day started off with everyone arriving at location with 5 minutes of each other. Not bad considering how deeply rooted we are on ‘Malaysian-timing’. Nicole went to work immediately on her make up..



The rest of us? …


We were a bit restless and kan cheong. So we started to photograph her making up :)



Both sets also we kancheong take the photos.



Our theme for that shoot was black and white. Well, we based it loosely on black and white.



And a little bit of creative lighting to add some drama to the photos.


Of course most of the time, I was on available light. I do not know how the photos come out yet. Jason probably had completed processing his set of photos. I have yet to get started. :) He has a very good reason to have completed his processing. That is another blog entry. We shall wait while he compiles photos and put into words about his new toy soon. :)

And last but not least… the obligatory group shot.


Coming up next… photos from the shoot.

Stay tuned.

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