Jun 22

All the while my love and interest in photography have always been people, for example capturing human expressions like how they laugh, how they talk to each others, how happy they see an old friend. Fashion shoot of how to capture be best of the model figure to bring out what was needed to portray.

It has always been that way with my work, so I told my self “let take a break and think of something new to shoot”. So I decided to go shoot some flowers pictures since recently I have gotten a Macro lens.

The funny thing is that I never do liked Macro photography as I always thinks that is a time consuming genre which I have no patience of it. But then after a few shots outside of my garden I begin to understand my some people like Macro Photography as it opens up a whole new way in seeing things that we take for granted.

The Full fledge Macro photographer is still not too into it but then applying Macro photography technics with portrait techniques does bring out something interesting. So hope you enjoy.

This first 3 image i shot it in way that it is right against the bright back light. I did it that why is to allow the light to penetrate thru the petals of the flower and shot it with a very shallow depth of field making this picture sharp on the focus area and soft at the back resulting the petals colored up like pastel paint on a canvas…….

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