Apr 23

Want to have your portraits taken by experience photographers? Want to spend 1.5 hours having your photos taken by two quirky people who are extremely passionate about nailing that sensational shot of you? Here’s your chance.. again! Our Portraits Promo is back!!

Here’s your chance to experience Jason and John taking your photos. Not to say that we are celebrity or rock star photographers, just the chance to have your portraits taken at an affordable price.

For RM500 nett, both Jason and John will both take you on for 1.5 hours, photographing yourself, or with your partner or even with your family. It’s a no frills but fun photoshoot. So let’s get together and see if we click.

So what’s the catch? Nothing. We meet up, probably have breakfast or coffee before heading out somewhere for a photoshooting session. After we are done with the photos and have the album printed, we would probably meet up again for coffee or tea, and hand the album and photos over to you guys.

So drop us a line. Click HERE for contact details.

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Mar 28

More or less a continuation from our previous blog, today we will ramble a little about our Nikon J1. Yes it’s an old camera model now. It was also an older model when we purchased it. But here’s the story.

oh.. btw… this is a very general ‘story’ instead of a review. So no technical specifications or comparison or pixel peeping here.

We wanted a smaller, more manageable camera to use when we are not lugging around our bulky DSLR cameras. So we set out to find a point and shoot camera. But we do have requirements like a point and shoot with reasonable image quality and such. We went through several options, but non actually met our other requirement; that it had to be cheap.

We actually did think about a mirrorless camera, but they were rather pricey. But somehow we stumbled upon the Nikon J1, an outgoing model which (at that time) was already replaced by the J2 and with the J3 looming in the background, itching to take over the J2 and make the J1 obsolete.

But nonetheless, it was a very attractive offer of RM999 for a Nikon J1 with the 10mm f2.8 lens and a 16GB SD card to boot. It did come with a carrying case, but it was so appalling that it ended up the bin.

The extra bit you see in the picture above is an extra bit which gives the J1 a more retro look.

Makes it look like an old film type camera!!

The Nikon J1 is, as you may have already known, is a mirrorless camera with interchangable lens.

The sensor is a 10mp with a crop factor of 2.7. Yeah.. very small sensor if you compare it to other mirrorless cameras out there, but it’s sufficient for us. And if you compare it with point and shoot cameras (which was our initial plan), this is a huge sensor.

So the 10mm f2.8 lens yields a 35mm equivalent of 27mm. Just nice or a holidaying focal length. Plus, the lens is small compare to the standard zoom lens which it usually comes with. We opted for this lens because of it’s size and that it’s focal length suits our purpose.

So we got a camera which actually exceeds our expectations, which initially was just a standard point and shoot camera. This one shoots RAW files as well! And interchangeable lens means that we can get different lenses should we choose to.

There’s only 2 issues with this camera.

The first is that it’s a little bit bigger than a standard point and shoot camera. So it’s no longer a pocketable camera. But it’s still ok. We can still slip it into a belt pouch. Very much easier to manage when you are out and about on a holiday. Especially when you are trying to have dinner at a popular roadside seafood eatery in Bangkok with so little space. A DSLR would be a pain!

The second is the video recording button. To record a video, first you have to set the mode to video mode. This is normal. But to start video recording, you would have to press a dedicated video recording button situated next to the shutter release button.

So, very often I find myself taking still photos instead of recording a movie, because I tend to use the shutter release instead of the dedicated movie recording button.

Ok. Maybe that’s just me. Hmm… I guess it’s just me as I think it’s kind of a standard thing to have a dedicated movie recording button.

Anyways, it’s also a win win situation since we are using Nikon and have Nikon lenses, we can have the option of using our standard Nikkor lenses on the J1!!

This is the Nikon J1 with the FT01 Lens adapter.

It’s like an extension, or for the macro fans amongst us, sort of looking like an lens tube.

You attach the adapter to the camera, and then the standard nikon lens.

Like this one here, the Nikon J1 with an adapter and the Nikon 50mm f1.4G, making it a 135mm f1.4 lens! Does it not look so cool it freezes all other cameras? *giggle*

What’s more cool is this..

The Nikon J1 with Nikon 24-70 lens :)

So there you have it. The reason why we got the J1 instead of any latest model. It’s a steal!!

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Dec 27

Life is not all roses, nor is it everyday a Sunday for a photographer. It is not just buying a Digital SLR camera and going out there charging people for photographs. And you just do not only take photos during that one event.

And it’s definitely not about the gear.

Let me tell you a typical actual day wedding assignment. Or rather our typical wedding day assignment.

Firstly, even before the wedding day itself. It’s a lot of communication between us and the client, setting dates, meeting up to go through the wedding itinerary and having a few laughs in between. We are a bit more hands on and prefer to get to know the couple before we being a part of the happiest day of their lives.

Then comes the actual day of the wedding we are up and about as early as 5am in the morning. And this goes on until probably lunch time, maybe 1-2pm. Then we rush back to download and backup the photos, do selection and processing of the photos before organising them into a slideshow. The slideshow is not just about dumping a bunch of photographs in chronological order, whack in a lovey dovey love song and export it out into DVD format. We pride ourselves in our slideshow. And we arrange and re-arrange the photos to paint the best picture of the couple and their actual day morning session. Then we select a suitable song and time them nicely against the photos. More or less, like producing a short movie.

Then it’s rendered into the highest quality possible without ending up in a huge video file. Then its the dinner reception time which we take photos and are usually around till about midnight at times.

So it’s just not the 8 hours you see photographers around the wedding with their cameras. You would probably work from the time you wake up until you go back to bed late that night.


And it just does not stop there. For the next couple of weeks, you will see yourself working late into the night, especially if you have a day job, to get the photos selected and processed. Then it’s the album designing time. And probably re designing.

So a single actual day wedding will take up roughly a total of 14 working days. And that’s not 2 weeks, it’s a total cumulative days in which you are actually working on that particular wedding.

So if you think wedding photographers are all glamour and stuff like that, and that you earn tonnes of money from taking photographs of weddings. Think again.


But, having said all that, we love photographing weddings. It’s the time where you see the pure joy and happiness of the couple, and especially the parents of the couple. We get to photograph the joy in their faces and we are very happy to be part of it.

We also meet all sorts of people during our photography journey; strange, fun, nutty, even eccentric people, all who have a deep love in photography.

We also get to meet many other people especially the couples and their family. We see people of diverse background coming together to celebrate the happy day.

So it’s still worth it. Do not get us wrong. We are not discouraging you. We just hope that you do not expect rose petals and rainbows on your way to being a photographer. There are roses and rainbows at the end of each journey though. :)

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Nov 09

Bryan and Sherene is such a sweet and nice couple. They are warm, friendly and fun to be around. So it was no surprise that their wedding was a real joy to photograph.

This wedding saw one of the most fun encounters between the groom’s men and the bride’s maid. Both sides filled equally with fun. The bride had a bevy of pretty bride’s maids while the groom had his team of zany brothers, eager to take on the challenges which awaits them. The result was a great fun time and a great retrieval of the bride.

By the way, there’s a slideshow after the photos. So do continue all the way to the bottom ya! :)

As you can see in the following photos, our cameras love them as both Bryan and Sherene are naturals in front of the camera and this made our job so much easier.







The day started early in the morning as usual. The cheerful bride was extremely excited while the she prepares for the day ahead.






And.. after much preparation..

… they were all set and ready!!



On the groom’s side….

The groom and his brother’s were all set to face the fury of the bride’s maids.

This was just before all the fun started. All prim and proper!

And this was during the games. A bunch of fun and very sporting fellows.

I could not help myself from laughing during the games. They were really into it.

After much fun, laughter, screams and painted faces… the groom left with the bride!

And made their way back to the groom’s place.

And before they called it a day to prepare for the dinner reception, the obligatory bridal bouquet toss!!

Any guess which one of the beautiful bride’s maids got the bouquet?

And one final photo … or two… with the bride’s maids and ..

the brothers.

One exciting and fun wedding this was. And thanks for having us as your photographers. We wish you all the best!

Oh.. and do check out the slideshow we prepared for them for their dinner reception.

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Apr 08

Recently we had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Nadia Heng for Today’s Choices Magazine. She was on the cover!!

Nadia is such a wonderful person to be with. For the lack of a better description, she lights up the room simply by walking into it. She is that brilliant! She is easy to talk to, easy going and fun. None of those primadonna syndrome which some may choose to exhibit.

Nadia is a former Miss Malaysia-World 2010/2011 and is currently Hypp TV Host. She is also XIXILI’s ambassador and Asian Shark Conservation ambassador. Oh.. and should you need an emcee, Nadia’s your girl as she too is an awesome emcee.

The photoshoot location was at Saujana Hotel just off Subang Airport Road. Our first location was at Senja Restaurant. Although named in Malay, Senja is actually serves fine Italian cuisines. The aroma of the wood fire really gets your appetite going. Anyways, back to the shoot.

The restaurant is flooded with light which makes for wonderful natural light shots.

But of course we snuck in a shot or two with creative lighting.

Very interesting lighting we had that day.

The restaurant were kind enough to bear with us while we move some tables and chairs to make way for better angles.

We had load of fun photographing Nadia. As you can see from the photos, the team were enjoying themselves.

Nadia was always on hand to review, comment and improve on the photos!

See what I mean? At each location, and each set, Nadia makes sure that everything is up to par, especially on her end.. and to a certain extend, help us improve the photos.

Oh… there was an awkward but extremely hilarious moment. Not gonna post it up here. But you can, by all means, ask us :)

And last but not least.. here’s a quick group photo before we waved goodbye and got caught in the rain trying to get back to our parked cars :S

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