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KC and Anna are one of the most laid back couples we have ever dealt with. They were open to suggestions and went with anything we suggested. When we were tied up with other work, they understood and did not bother much about how, where, when or what we did. All that mattered to them was that we immortalised their wedding day.

When we first met up with them, both KC and Anna were such nice people and overflowing with happiness that it rubbed off on us. You know, the kind of people that actually lights up a party when they join in. We knew immediately that this is going be a real fun wedding to shoot.

And during their wedding day, the wedding flowed along smoothly with their wedding team working like a well oiled machine!


Anna’s room is no 5-Star suite, but it cosy, but one fantastic feature of her room is a wonderfully large window with diffused window panes that all photographers love, well, at least we do love them. The large window bathes her room with wonderful natural light that even a 5-star suite cannot compare to without it. The beautiful Anna was excited, and so was her family and friends as they prepared for the upcoming day.

Both of us loves natural light photography and strive to search for that perfect natural light in each of our assignments. The fantastic natural light which was showering into Anna’s room was so good that we were so excited to be creating beautiful images for them.

We had always loved natural light photography. It gives a more natural look to a photo and it draws you into the photo.

The proud parents putting on the veil. Look at how happy they are, especially Anna.

Their wedding was held at a church in town. Living here in Kuala Lumpur for nearly 20 years, I had not realise that there was this beautiful church right smack in the middle of the city. Probably would have driven pass it many times as well. It is indeed a majestic church. What a wonderful place for a wedding ceremony.

Beautiful right?

The little one getting ready. Handsome little fella isn’t he?

But here’s the man himself, getting some help to ensure that he looks the immaculate for the upcoming ceremony.

Dashing groom and his buddies.

And back to their stations, awaiting the arrival of the bride.

The excited bride arrives, eager and excited to set her eyes on her dashing groom waiting at the altar.

Here comes the bride!!


As the isle entourage made their way in, the atmosphere was suddenly electric. The guests clapped and cheered them on as they made their way to the waiting groom.

Just look at the proud father, leading her very happy daughter.

And finally, the groom receives her bride.

After a prayer..

.. the ceremony went on without a hitch.

All the while, there were smiles and you can feel the happiness and joy in the atmosphere as we went on photographing the ceremony.

The loving kiss, which seals the deal!

They made their way back on the isle with the upstanding guests cheering them on.

You see what we mean about the couple being happy? You can literally feel their happiness here.

And a quick group photo…

Before we wrapped for the day, with the couple insisting that we stayed on for the sumptuous buffet spread which they had prepared as lunch.

We wish both KC and Anna the very best in their future undertakings. It was an absolute joy to photograph you guys!


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Aug 01

Both Zack Arias and Joe McNally are both world class photographers in their own field.

Zack is an excellent photographer who is based in Atlanta. He specialises in the music industry and currently editorial work and advertising. His style and approach is a blend of simplicity, boldness, classic and true. His greatest talent and ability is to mix with the various walks of life as well as the ability to relax nervous subjects.


Photo from Zack’s.


He is also a great advocate of “master your equipment first”. Basically, what he means is, instead of buying new cameras, lenses and other accessories, make sure you fully understand and master your current equipment first, or your skills have surpassed your equipment before thinking about that brand spanking new camera/lens which was just announced. :)

Anyways, here’s a little video clip of Zack with Fuji’s xPro in India.

Joe is the veteran of the two. Having 30+ years of experience under his belt, Joe works with various organisations including National Geographic, Life Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Time, Fortune and Business Week. His is also the author for The Moment it Clicks, Hotshoe Diaries and Sketching Light. Joe’s well known series is the Faces of Ground Zero – Portraits of the Heroes of September 11th. Its a collection of portrait photos taken shortly after 911.

photo from Joe’s.

photo from Joe’s

American Photo magazine described Joe as “perhaps the most versatile photojournalist” and is listed as one of the most important people in photography. He is recognised and has been awarded numerous awards by World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year International, Photo District News, American Photo and many more.

Here’s a youtube video of Joe with the new Nikon D4.


Myself, Joe, Drew and Jason.

It was a great opportunity to have met Zack and Joe, and to learn from them.

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Jun 07

Joseph and Michelle, two wonderful individuals who recently combined they explosive personalities into one as bride and groom. And together the equally zany personalities of their wedding entourage and families, resulted in an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

But they were modest people, who are real naturals in front of the camera. Here are a few photos from the wedding day.

We wish Joseph and Michelle all the best!

And we hope you enjoyed the quick showcase of our photos from the wedding just as much as we enjoyed taking it :)

Last but not least, do enjoy the same day edit slideshow as well :)
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Sep 01

It has been a while since we went on a group shoot. It has been ages since our last photowalk around Bukit Bintang. This time around, we tagged along with a friend who suggested to document Petaling Street and it’s surroundings. Apparently parts of the historical Petaling Street and surroundings would make way for a transport project. So we took this opportunity to photo document that area which is filled with heritage, tradition and history.

We started off with some with a nice delicious beef noodle breakfast at one of the old coffee shops.

Sorry. I was rather hungry and only remembered to take photos of the noodles after we are done with it. It was delicious!

It was a free and easy shoot. No rules. No expectations. Just a group of us photographing anything worth photographing.

One of us even brought a medium format Mamiya!

There are many streets and roads and a lot of other interesting things which you would probably miss if you are just driving pass.

Enjoy the rest of the series.

And at the end of the photo session, we settled down for a nice piping hot bowl of porridge..

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Jun 22

All the while my love and interest in photography have always been people, for example capturing human expressions like how they laugh, how they talk to each others, how happy they see an old friend. Fashion shoot of how to capture be best of the model figure to bring out what was needed to portray.

It has always been that way with my work, so I told my self “let take a break and think of something new to shoot”. So I decided to go shoot some flowers pictures since recently I have gotten a Macro lens.

The funny thing is that I never do liked Macro photography as I always thinks that is a time consuming genre which I have no patience of it. But then after a few shots outside of my garden I begin to understand my some people like Macro Photography as it opens up a whole new way in seeing things that we take for granted.

The Full fledge Macro photographer is still not too into it but then applying Macro photography technics with portrait techniques does bring out something interesting. So hope you enjoy.

This first 3 image i shot it in way that it is right against the bright back light. I did it that why is to allow the light to penetrate thru the petals of the flower and shot it with a very shallow depth of field making this picture sharp on the focus area and soft at the back resulting the petals colored up like pastel paint on a canvas…….

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