May 04

Not long ago FingerOnShutter had an assignment of going over to Seoul, South Korea to photograph a lovely couple, our dear friends, Ian and Lilian, for their couple/engagement photos. Because we’ll be away in another country, we have to be well planned and prepared ourselves so that we will be all set for it.  Soon the day has arrived and we were so excited to venture to a foreign country to create beautiful pictures for the couple. So off we went….

As if there would not be enough photoshooting throughout our time in Seoul, photoshooting actually began on our way there and were enjoying ourselves already.

Finally FingerOnShutter has arrived in Seoul….

After a long flight to Seoul and getting ourselves checked-in, it was only right to do the first on our list of things to do; food.

Before we went over, our peers were telling us how we would be suffering in terms of food. Because, they told us, Koreans all eat vegetables and kimchi, and that Koreans seldom eat meat.

How wrong they were. We were absolutely enjoying ourself in terms of food. This one below in particular… open air BBQ buffet.

Yes, open air. Both of us are not too fond of BBQ-ing during the day as both of us do not fancy heaty scenario too much especially back in KL, but it was different here in Seoul as it was about roughly 12 Celsius, and BBQ-ing out doors is heavenly!

And check out the meats!….. Vegetables were just there to make us feel less guilty hahaha…

Another stunning food that not able mention much is this, their special fried chicken. All we can say is we still crave these until today, and not to mention their 1L mug of Beer compliments well indeed! 


Here is our accommodation which is situated in Myeongdong, walking distance to lots of shopping and Namsan Tower which is also one of our shoot location.

It’s a Guesthouse, to our surprise it was very clean, super cosy and comfortable with heated floors to keep us warm during the cold nights. The staff too were extremely friendly and helpful as well, a much welcomed trait to us.

This is the common area where guests and hostel employees hang out.

We have a little kitchen, which reminds me a lot of our university days. Each day, they stock fresh bread for us, complete with peanut butter, jam and coffee making facilities. All on the house. A much welcomed facility, especially when you are still hungry after the entire day of walking (and sometimes running) or mid-night snack to help you settle.

Also included, are these delicious instant noodles. Very nice to eat while sitting outside in the chilly morning.


Within walking distant is the happening Myeongdong shopping area. Lots of retail shops, selling everything from clothing to shoes to fashion accessories and make up stuff. Oh.. and food stalls as well.

But not to digress, besides shopping and food, our primary objective is the photoshoot.

So we packed up our gears… and off we went. Here I am enthusiastic.. .


It was not long that the weight of our equipment starts to bear down on me.

Then Jason took over. We took turns through out the trip to lug that big suitcase along. We thought that it was a good idea to drag along in a suitcase. Trust us.. it is not a good idea at all.

After that we lugged our stuff on standard backpacks. Much easier to manage. This photo is taken while photoshooting on Nami Island, where the drama Winter Sonata was shot.

We went everywhere on train. The train system there seems to be quite comprehensive. It was easy taking the train. Maybe it was because of the weather there being cold, so it’s easy to walk.

So we took the train, we walked, and we did the photoshoot.

We took some photos of us.

We took some photos with the bride…

And tried to take a proper photo with the groom

During the photoshoot we had so much fun snapping away that we totally forgotten the time. Here we were about to have our late lunch near by our shoot location in Nami island. By the way, here’s the bride and groom. Lovely couple, very nice people and furnishing us with good food.

Somehow John caught a little bit of a cold/flu in the middle of the shoot, and also was really not feeling well due to the immense pain due to his feet. Apparently those Adidas shoes did not fit him well enough.

Or maybe it’s just the cold, but this bowl of hot soupy ramen and some medication really did picked him up!

Never a dull moment with these two.


Do excuse us.. we were in the land where Gangnam style originated.. could not help it.

A sign of a potential model, always aware that a camera is pointed at his direction.

Back to the photoshoot, this is one of the location we shot, Nami Island. It was located somewhere outskirts of town which requires getting up very early and a bit of a travelling. We were all excited to get to this location to create beautiful pictures even if it means less sleep.

So we took a train, then a short cab ride and then a ferry ride to the island itself.

This place really is a popular tourist destination and it was packed with people upon our arrival. Good thing is the island is huge to accommodate all…

and we found some nice locations for the photoshoot.

The location of the infamous first kiss.

We certainly had loads of fun photoshoot these two. They were fun.. pro active..

and loves the camera.

Before signing off, here a photo….

This was the final location… it was very cold. Both Jason and I were feeling cold; and the two of us are hot blooded people who thrives in cold environments. So when we were covered up like that with our jackets, you can safely assume that it’s VERY cold. And the poor bride was only in a little dress. But she is a tough one, she powered on and completed the photoshoot and we adjourned to have a final fried chicken and 1L beer to end the photoshoot in Seoul.

Check back again soon for photos from the photoshoot.…


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Nov 09

Bryan and Sherene is such a sweet and nice couple. They are warm, friendly and fun to be around. So it was no surprise that their wedding was a real joy to photograph.

This wedding saw one of the most fun encounters between the groom’s men and the bride’s maid. Both sides filled equally with fun. The bride had a bevy of pretty bride’s maids while the groom had his team of zany brothers, eager to take on the challenges which awaits them. The result was a great fun time and a great retrieval of the bride.

By the way, there’s a slideshow after the photos. So do continue all the way to the bottom ya! :)

As you can see in the following photos, our cameras love them as both Bryan and Sherene are naturals in front of the camera and this made our job so much easier.







The day started early in the morning as usual. The cheerful bride was extremely excited while the she prepares for the day ahead.






And.. after much preparation..

… they were all set and ready!!



On the groom’s side….

The groom and his brother’s were all set to face the fury of the bride’s maids.

This was just before all the fun started. All prim and proper!

And this was during the games. A bunch of fun and very sporting fellows.

I could not help myself from laughing during the games. They were really into it.

After much fun, laughter, screams and painted faces… the groom left with the bride!

And made their way back to the groom’s place.

And before they called it a day to prepare for the dinner reception, the obligatory bridal bouquet toss!!

Any guess which one of the beautiful bride’s maids got the bouquet?

And one final photo … or two… with the bride’s maids and ..

the brothers.

One exciting and fun wedding this was. And thanks for having us as your photographers. We wish you all the best!

Oh.. and do check out the slideshow we prepared for them for their dinner reception.

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Sep 01

It was a glorious morning. I walked out of my house to be greeted by morning dew covered leaves, flowers, cars and damp road. Our drive to the park was uneventful. The only exciting part was when we missed the newly opened flyover and had to take an alternative route.

The park was beautiful. Neat, clean and just the occasional empty bottles and cups lying around because of one or two irresponsible people. Other than that, there were quite a number of people living the healthy lifestyle.

We wasted no time trying to catch the morning light, but the sun played hide and seek throughout the morning. This was one of the first few RM388 Portraits Promotion sessions.

The park was filled with people from all walks of life. Most of them came with their kids… and some with their doggies.

It was indeed a challenge to frame the subject and the background without the crowd.

but we managed anyways. Most of them were courteous enough to move out of the way or wait for us to click. Thanks guys :)

When the sun become a little bit too overwhelming to stay out in the park, we moved indoors. A quick of change of clothes later, we were back in action!

It was a quick and fun photoshoot. It was still morning when the photoshoot concluded, so to end the photoshoot…

.. a nice hearty breakfast…

.. and a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

What a great Sunday morning! Met up with two wonderful people, one of whom is Jason’s long lost colleague, while the other is someone from my kampung! Talk about coincidence! Plus, we had a nice morning walk around the park (while photoshooting) and finally a nice healthy breakfast. And we were back home before the morning was over!

Ahhh… all Sunday mornings should be like this :)

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Aug 27

Want to have a RM388 promotional photoshoot with us without charge? Here’s your chance! We have 3 complimentary promo shoots worth about RM1,200.00 up for grabs.

How to get it? It’s simple. Just write/blog something about the RM388 Promotional package and why you would want a RM388 photoshoot session. Be sure to link to our blog entry about the promotional package and email us the link to your blog entry. The most creative (and flattering :p… ) post will win the free rm388 promo package. It’s just that simple. Oh.. and do not forget to leave us your email, contact number and name ya :)

So start now. Logon to your blog and start blogging. Deadline is Oct 1st 2010.

Oh, btw, if you do not have a blog, facebook notes also can lar. We quite cincai wan. Oh.. and who are the judges? Us loh. It’s a very simple .. erm… contest (for the lack of a better word), so we would like to keep it simple.


Hmm.. wait… a blog entry without photo(s) look extremely plain. So…… one for the road..

This is Jason overcoming a small rugged hill to get that perfect angle on a shoot not long ago. That is Soo Wincci by the way. Wonderful model.

Oh.. and if you are worried that you are not a model or anything like that, not to worry…

.. we will share some some basic poses with you :) Not theory, but hands on! :) If you feel weird posing, dun worry, we will pose WITH you. At least you would not feel weird alone :)

Ok.. that’s John (me)… trying to do the CLS alone during one of the photoshoots sometime back in the highlands.

So let’s get it moving. We would love to see them blogs and notes about the promotional shoot. Cannot wait to get it on and take some shots with you nice people.


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Aug 24

Imagine spending 1.5 hours with the two quirky yet extremely passionate about wanting you to have outstanding photos to bring home as memories. Here’s your chance to experience Jason and John from FingerOnShutter. Oh.. not to say that we are such celebrities that you need to have a ‘chance’ to meet or hire us as your photographers. But a chance here meaning ‘a very affordable’ chance.

click on photo for bigger version.

For RM388 … nett… Jason and John will both take you on for 1.5 hours. Photographing you and your partner (or family). It’s a no frills but fun photoshoot. So let’s get together and see if we click.

So here’s the deal. If you are interested, just drop us an email or just call us up directly to get more information. Just in case you do not know how dashing we look :

Jason Wong : jason at

John Ling : john at

Click HERE for more contact information.

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