Apr 23

Want to have your portraits taken by experience photographers? Want to spend 1.5 hours having your photos taken by two quirky people who are extremely passionate about nailing that sensational shot of you? Here’s your chance.. again! Our Portraits Promo is back!!

Here’s your chance to experience Jason and John taking your photos. Not to say that we are celebrity or rock star photographers, just the chance to have your portraits taken at an affordable price.

For RM500 nett, both Jason and John will both take you on for 1.5 hours, photographing yourself, or with your partner or even with your family. It’s a no frills but fun photoshoot. So let’s get together and see if we click.

So what’s the catch? Nothing. We meet up, probably have breakfast or coffee before heading out somewhere for a photoshooting session. After we are done with the photos and have the album printed, we would probably meet up again for coffee or tea, and hand the album and photos over to you guys.

So drop us a line. Click HERE for contact details.

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Aug 27

Want to have a RM388 promotional photoshoot with us without charge? Here’s your chance! We have 3 complimentary promo shoots worth about RM1,200.00 up for grabs.

How to get it? It’s simple. Just write/blog something about the RM388 Promotional package and why you would want a RM388 photoshoot session. Be sure to link to our blog entry about the promotional package and email us the link to your blog entry. The most creative (and flattering :p… ) post will win the free rm388 promo package. It’s just that simple. Oh.. and do not forget to leave us your email, contact number and name ya :)

So start now. Logon to your blog and start blogging. Deadline is Oct 1st 2010.

Oh, btw, if you do not have a blog, facebook notes also can lar. We quite cincai wan. Oh.. and who are the judges? Us loh. It’s a very simple .. erm… contest (for the lack of a better word), so we would like to keep it simple.


Hmm.. wait… a blog entry without photo(s) look extremely plain. So…… one for the road..


This is Jason overcoming a small rugged hill to get that perfect angle on a shoot not long ago. That is Soo Wincci by the way. Wonderful model.

Oh.. and if you are worried that you are not a model or anything like that, not to worry…


.. we will share some some basic poses with you :) Not theory, but hands on! :) If you feel weird posing, dun worry, we will pose WITH you. At least you would not feel weird alone :)


Ok.. that’s John (me)… trying to do the CLS alone during one of the photoshoots sometime back in the highlands.

So let’s get it moving. We would love to see them blogs and notes about the promotional shoot. Cannot wait to get it on and take some shots with you nice people.


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Aug 24

Imagine spending 1.5 hours with the two quirky yet extremely passionate about wanting you to have outstanding photos to bring home as memories. Here’s your chance to experience Jason and John from FingerOnShutter. Oh.. not to say that we are such celebrities that you need to have a ‘chance’ to meet or hire us as your photographers. But a chance here meaning ‘a very affordable’ chance.


click on photo for bigger version.

For RM388 … nett… Jason and John will both take you on for 1.5 hours. Photographing you and your partner (or family). It’s a no frills but fun photoshoot. So let’s get together and see if we click.

So here’s the deal. If you are interested, just drop us an email or just call us up directly to get more information. Just in case you do not know how dashing we look :


Jason Wong : jason at fingeronshutter.com


John Ling : john at fingeronshutter.com

Click HERE for more contact information.

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