Oct 30

Continuing from our last blog post….

After a nice refreshing rest, we went on to dinner, and we were really hungry from all the activities earlier that day. Which probably is the reason why we did not manage much photos of the dinner experience.

Our sweet and sour fish. Fresh fish, squid, prawns and many more were laid out for you to choose, and specify how to cook them.

I normally do not crave prawns, but these are extremely fresh and tasty!!

The next day, a trip up to the hills!!

I has been many many years since I went on a cable car. Exciting indeed!

You get your tickets, then you are ushered to the ‘boarding’ place, where you wait for an empty cable car, and then you simply hop in one, while it’s still moving.

But do not take too much time to hop in. There’s a limit amount of “runway”

And then you get a spectacular view riding up the hill.

Afraid heights? Well, suck it in!!

Because there’s a view waiting for you at the top!

There’s a mid way viewing platform which we stopped. The photo above is taken from this mid way platform.

There’s a much more elaborate viewing platforms at the top, and walk ways connecting them. And the air up there is cool!

Too bad the iconic bridge was close. Real bummer!! I’ve always wanted to be on it.

Langkawi is also a haven for boaters, and it has quite a number of nice marinas dotting it’s coastlines. The above photo is one of them. Later that day we went to another marina for an exciting night!

This is the view from the other side of the photo earlier. Nice and tranquil ain’t it? But it was a little hot, weather wise.

Langkawi also have two other attractions, the bird park and it’s underwater world.

Our first stop was the bird park. Which houses quite a bit of species, including this colourful fella.

And this little fella.

There’s a kiosk located right after the entrance, where you can buy stuff to feed the birds.

Most of the birds are free roaming without cages. The only cage is the location itself which is enclosed. Once inside, you are with the birds.

Well, except for some.. there are also quite a number of other animals around, including this one, who was quite eager to come right up to you, awaiting treats.

Next up we went to the underwater world.

Which also houses other species such as this lizard/gecko.

Looks like a two-headed salamander, but it’s just two of them hanging out next to each other.


Like many underwater world, this one also has one of those ‘travellator’ tunnel where you glide through the huge aquarium.

No underwater world would be complete without sharks!

This is one of the more interesting sections, a nice walkway with glass ceiling for you to observe various fishes swimming about.

One of the more interesting attractions here is this one, the penguin section with a nice panoramic view.


And we were just in time for the feeding. Cute little buggers wriggling their way over to the handlers.

But not all were interested in the food. This fella seems to be standing guard, overlooking the feeding. Must be the appointed warrior guard or something like that.

I really like this photo. Seriously cute fella, seems to be posing for the camera.

And to top it up, the jelly fish….

Soothing to watch them float around in the tank. The multi-colored lights lend a mysterious hue to their dull white appearance.

There are many other displays at the bird park as well as the underwater world, which includes a section where you can touch the marine life like starfishes.

We retired back to the hotel after this, and took a quite rest before the highlight of the trip. Stay tuned for it next.


Oct 20

We were invited to be part of a media familiarisation trip to Langkawi, and we were very happy to oblige. It was in conjuction with Berjaya Air.

Part of the team posting next to our aircraft, the ATR-72.

A very good looking aircraft. And it looks like a slammed aircraft, riding so low with it’s underbelly almost to the ground. No need for special step ladders.

We were given earlier access to the aircraft to take some shots. The interior is a very typical interior, and comfortable.

It’s not everyday that you get to go up to the cockpit. And if you think you have limited space, wait till you check out the cockpit.

And soon, the plane was filled up..

And we were on our way to the land where beer is cheaper than coke.

Clear blue skies greeted us when we landed in Langkawi.

The first thing we did was to search for food. Our gracious host brought us to this restaurant which serves lots of varieties of dishes, all spread out along long tables. You just pick and choose the dishes you want. Much like ‘chap fan’ concept.

Next thing, logically would be to hit the duty free stores. And the first thing was…. non other than a refreshing bottle of chilled premium beer. Very much needed, considering the heat of the day!

No trip to Langkawi would be complete without a visit to this location.

Sorry, we could not help it.

We learnt a few things during our visit to Langkawi. The most important is that, it’s going to be very hot and humid over there. So make sure you drink lots of water. Water, not beer. Although consuming beer brings much relief from the heat, but water is still crucial.

The second important thing to remember is to rent a car with a nice powerful airconditioner. Our host has had enough experience to pre-order a rental car with powerful and very effective and efficient air conditioning system. A much welcomed feature.

Alright, next up, we headed to a nearby river launching jetty where we boarded a motorised boat and headed up a river.

Jason seems to be settling in quite well.

On the other hand, loves being on a boat.

This is the first stop of our boat trip. Bruce Wayne would be rather comfortable here.

Would be much better if we had red filters for our torches. Apparently red light does not affect much on nocturnal animals. The cave walk is just a short one, with a couple of low overhead where you need to crouch and basically duck-walk under them.

Next up is this nice little fish farm.

Jason getting much more comfortable on water. HAHA. And that’s our boat behind him.

A lot of different species of marine life is kept here.

Including this very friendly ray. Just put your hands near the surface and up it comes.

The blow fish?

They have sharks as well. And if you dare, you can touch them too. Of course, all the while with the keen eyes of the handler close by.

We went out all the way, until our phones actually registered itself on a Thai carrier.

This is one of the islands on the ‘outskirts’ of Langkawi waters. After a while, with rough open seas and hot weather, most of us were rather drained. And we have yet to checked in to our hotels.

So we headed back to the jetty, and checked into our hotel for a much needed air conditioning and a nice shower! .. and dinner later that night.

Check back soon for more interesting stuff we did in Langkawi.


Oct 15

We went on a media familiarisation trip to a very interesting destination. And we had lots of fun! Stay tune while we get our photos and thoughts organised.

Any wild guesses to where we are headed?


Aug 19

Every now and then, we get to photograph a couple whose wedding entourage of brothers and sisters are so diverse in character and background. This diversity brings out the best in both the bride and groom. Not forgetting that it’s this diversity which brings up the wedding day itself.


The day started with both Jason and I heading off to the bride and groom’s place respectively. However, due to miscommunication, I ended up at the groom’s parents’ place instead. And the best thing was that, the house was all decorated up with that red cloth over the main entrance and all. So I thought I was at the right place. Good thing we are always early. Much earlier than require, just in case there’s an unforeseen circumstances like this one. So I made my way to the groom’s place, with some time to spare. That’s the beauty of being early, there’s time to rectify any errors.

So anyways, Jason had already arrived at the bride’s place. And the atmosphere was electric! The bridesmaids hurried around the house preparing the games for the groom’s men later on, while the parents and other relatives were busy ensuring everything else was in order.

Boon Pei is a real fun bride. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious!


See what I mean?


Bridesmaids checking in on the bride.

She is such a gorgeous bride don’t you agree?

Back at the groom’s place, the atmosphere was a little bit relaxed, but excited. His modern and interesting house sets the background for the wedding day.

And then.. let the games begin!!

The groom’s men were very into it. With much enthusiasm, they breezed through all the challenges and games brought on by the bridesmaids.

The bridesmaids were thoroughly enjoying the games.

I must admit, the games were rather simple, being more of a group effort and very similar to one of those activities from motivational courses where you and your team mates work together to solve a certain problem, or challenges.

Like this simple task of finishing a bottle of soda placed at a certain distance from them, requiring a combined effort in sucking out the soda. Nothing which degrading or humiliating to the grooms men.

I am sure both sides had a great time! The groom certainly did.

And finally the groom and his entourage got past all the challenges, and had access to the bridal room.

The groom leading his wife.. back to his place.

And to wrap things up…

At the end of the day, it was a real fun day with the bride and groom and their friends and relative. They were accommodating, loves to be photographed and fun people to be around.


We wish both Eric and Boon Pei the very best.

Aug 04

Both Jason and I are suckers for crabs. But crabs are not cheap. The restaurant near my place charges RM80 per kg for crabs. Other places are also within similar ranges. Most of them RM80-90 per kg. Cheaper alternatives are around RM60-70 per kg. And we eat a lot of kgs of crabs at one sitting. Usually a table for 4 would require at least 4kgs.

Then recently we got news of a promotion in town. The Parkroyal Hotel is having a seafood buffet, specialising in crabs for the entire month of August. And for RM85 nett, we get to feast on various types of crab dishes. We called up and made a booking immediately. It was a good thing as well, it was a full house that weekend.

The buffet starts from 6.30pm all the way until 10.30pm, a good solid 4 hours to savour the various offerings.

And there was quite a good spread as well. This includes softshell crabs. Others are salted eggs, sweet and sour, chilli, kamhiong and so on. Too bad they did not have salted BBQ crabs. That would be splendid.

Don’t mind me, I was happy to see the various crab dishes I was about to devour.


Of course, there are other dishes and not just crabs.

like oysters, prawns and a bug…. Some sort of prawn.

And each table gets a nice freshly steamed groupa fish dish. Quite tasty.

There also this. I forgot what it is called, but basically a whole fillet of salmon cooked in pastry. It was delicious!

They also offered freshly squeezed fruit juices! Wonderful! Only thing is that you have to wait for your juice. You take a basket and put in it the fruits you want juiced, then you take a number and continue with your crabs. Peak times will take you about 30-40 minutes to have your drink ready.

All in all, it was a good feast. I particularly enjoyed the sweet and sour crab, as well as the chilli crabs. We had a good fill, and the deserts were not too bad. We had a good portion of ice-kacang and topped it up with ice cream. And the best thing was that there queue at the buffet line was not over bearing.

So if you fancy crabs, RM85 nett per person is quite worth it. And do not forget to have your parking ticket validated for RM6 flat rate. It’s not going to be cheap as parking charge is RM4 per hour!!


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